++Abide With Christ++


*"As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. Jn 15:9 NKJV+


Holy Spirit Gives Godís Truths in Bible

Holy Spirit alone can show us Godís truths

using the entire context of the Bible



1. Who Our God Is; Who We Are


Our God

Our Heavenly Father, His Son-Jesus, Holy Spirit


Our Soul and Spirit; Our Body and Mind

Our eternal spiritual soul/spirit created by Holy Spirit; our mortal physical body-mind reproduce by our parents. No sinful human being can reproduce an eternal spiritual being.


Four Things Make Us Godís Children

A reason, a means, a way, a surrender


God Chose Those Who Would Love Him

God chose those who surrendered their will to Him


Godís Great Spiritual Trifecta

How God Saves us


Then we must

Stand Up For Our God


satan/demons; Attack Believers, Unbelievers


Only Jesus can help us overcome them, so we can be Children of God

*so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan or we are not ignorant of his schemes. 2Co 2:11 NASB+


2. Jesus Birth-Life-Physical Death-Resurrection


Jesus Born Tishri 10 5BC-Died Nissan 14 30AD

On the Jewish Feast Calendar; we know when Jesus was born, when He physically died on cross


Jesus the Firstborn

First given all blessings we need to be saved


Christmas; God Becomes Man in Maryís Womb

Son of God became Jesus, a physical man, in 6BC; around the time of our Christmas Eve, Dec 24.


Jesus Birth 9 months after Christmas

On Day of Atonement Tishri 10, 5BC (In late Sept, early Oct on our calendar)


Jesus Gave His Life to Save Us

No one has ever had the power to kill Jesus, He gave His life for us


What Spiritually Happened on the Cross

Where Jesus soul/spirit went after He physically died on the cross; to Hades, Tartarus, Heaven


Day of Atonement; Passover; 1st Fruits

How these Feasts foreshadowed Jesus death and resurrection


Death, Resurrection of Jesus - Extra Verses

Jesus physical crucifixion and resurrection.


Specifics; Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Specific Jewish calendar events and Feast requirements when Jesus was crucified.


Brief Outline; When Christís Grace Received

How God implemented His plan of salvation for us


Resurrection Week 7 days Salvation Completed

Jesus completed in 7 days all we need to be save


3. Life-Death; Heaven-Hell


Heaven and Hell


When Life Begins, When Life Dies


Spiritual Being - Spiritual Body Come to Heaven


Specifics: Hades, Abyss, Tartarus, Hell

Specifics on underworld; where demons and unbelievers soul/spirit held after they die.


4. Special Situations


When Jesus Calls Believers Home


When Unborn or Young Child Dies


Unborn or young child dies

Has 1 believing parent; they go to Heaven


Know Jesus is Always with Us

Where Is God When Tragedy Happens


What Happens in Suicide


5. What Sin Is




Some Specific Commands of our God


Sins which keep us from Heaven, unless forgiven


Abortion is a Sin


Homosexuality is a Sin


Lying is a Sin


6. How Believersí Sins Are Forgiven


How Our Sins Are Forgiven


Holiness and Righteousness


How We Become Children God Heirs of Heaven


Heaven gift from God; works give blessings


Are We Holy or Sinful; Ambiguous Question

Believers spiritual being is holy; our physical being will always be sinful


Sins Can Push Holy Spirit Out of Our Hearts

Only saved if Holy Spirit guide us; once saved always saved not true


7. Baptism; Lordís Supper


Seven Different Baptisms


Old Covenant Baptisms Jesus Baptized With


Water Baptism

Baptism of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit


Infant Baptism; until age of Responsibility

Jesus wants us to water baptize infants;

Until they reach their age of Responsibility


Water Baptism Service for an Infant

Until they reach the Age of Responsibility


Baptisms of the Holy Spirit


When Holy Spirit Given to Gentiles

See Godís 7 kingdoms 29-31


Baptism Quiz Ė Answers Baptism Quiz


Celebrate Our Lordís Supper


8. Love - Spiritual Meditation - Prayer


We Are Saved By Love


The Great Question


The Great Question Epilog

Do we love Jesus more than anything else


Meditate With Jesus


Whisper to Your Soul



Offering up prayers to our great God


9. Christ's One Holy, Eternal, Spiritual Church

††† Our Gifts to God


The Family of God


Our Relationship with God


Gifts of Love


Love Given; Blessings Received

Young Ladyís Missionary Journey to Ecuador





**Check Topics; Continually Put New Messages In Them



10. Latest Messages --- a. End Time Reality


11. Spiritual Concepts -- a. Charts -- b. Words

*12. Bible References Read-Study Godís Words kept in context through the entire Bible; Genesis to Revelation


Order of 105 Events which have or will happen. These

Events fit into the 7 Kingdoms Godís uses to save us.


Diagrams no verses 7 Kingdoms God uses to save us


These Diagrams will be in context with over 800 Bible verses the Holy Spirit has given us in the Bible.


Diagrams with verses Over 800 Bible verses to verify the Events to Happen, the Diagrams of Godís 7 Kingdoms


Topics: Beginning to Jesus; Jesus Saves Us; End Times;

Jesus 1,000 Yr. Kingdom; Godís New Heaven-Earth-Hell


Good Lexicon of Strongís Dictionary for Hebrew, Greek,†††

Arabic, Arabic Greek; by verse, word, total times used


Blue Letter Bible Concordance


Jewish Ceremonial Laws Reference


Old Covenant Laws/Malon Smith



*13. How God takes Believers to Heaven-Paradise


Heaven is our Home Part 1. Starting rewrite

 A spiritual rest for Believers when we physically die

*But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a

Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, Phil 3:20 ESV+


Heaven is our Home Part 2. Starting rewrite

Completed in Heaven; What we are waiting for


*14. Key Bible Verses and Prophecies

Hold together the truths God wants us to know


10 Disciplines Keep Bible in Context

Keep us from being led astray, leading others astray


We are Godís Children, Saints Awaiting Glorified Body

We are Believers in Jesus atoning grace, have indwelling of Holy Spirit; Jesus spiritual brothers/sisters


Godís Absolute Truths Are Spiritual One cannot understand the Bible without knowing Godís spiritual plan of salvation for us

*"God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." Jn 4:24 NASB+


All Prophesies in Bible Are Godís Spiritual Truths

Some prophesies are fulfilled, some are being revealed, some we will not know until Jesus returns

*Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7 NKJV+


Holy Spirit Gives Godís Truths in Bible

Holy Spirit alone can show us Godís truths using the entire context of the Bible


End Times happenings the Bible tells us about. If there are any conflicts; newer copyright date correct


15. End Times: What will happen before Jesus gives us glorified bodies, brings us into Godís New Heaven-Earth


See also Order 105 Events 34.-105.


Parable 10 Virgins: Final Test

Be Prepared to go through the great tribulation of the beast/antichrist/man of sin


2020 Year of Uniting; Decision; Separation


beast/antichrist/man of sin, false prophet

2 demon possessed Jewish men See G. Intro-49.


When Believers Receive Glorified Bodies

First fruits; 1st for Jews then Gentiles. Then in 4 resurrections, 3 times without dying Believers/saints

given an eternal glorified body. In 5th resurrection 2nd death; demons-satan, then all unbelievers cast into Hell


Tribulation; Jesus Returns; Godís Wrath


7 Seals; 7 Trumpets; 7 Bowls Godís Wrath


Three; 3Ĺ Year Periods before Jesus Comes


Israel Always a Nation on this Earth

Until Godís New Heaven and Earth


Jewish Feasts Show Godís Plan of Salvation


16. Some Short Stories:




When Jesus Call Us Home


The Great Question

The Great Question Epilog


The Chasm




Christian Values


What Is Important


The Rodeo Cowboy


Our Promises






The Rancher


The Caravan


17. Poems


Christís Death


Lord You Love Me


Where We Worship


If We Knew


Left Behind


Love and Hate


Never Hesitate


18. Older Messages replaced Current Messages


Where We Are in End Times


The Jewish Revival

Jewish people return, control Israel as prophesied


The antichrist

The beast/antichrist/man of sin


The Gathering (Rapture)

Believers given glorified bodies†††††††††††††††††††



Be Prepared

Jesus returns after antichristís reign


Brief Introduction to Tribulation

What tribulation is, what wrath is


19. Older Series still with good messages


Basic Truths with listed verses


Simple Truths without verses


Book ďFreed By ChristĒ


20. About Us Who we are


20a. Updates Ė Corrections, Additions, Editing


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By Word --- By Verse


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