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Sins Can Push the Spirit Out of Our HeartsEdited 2/12/18

We are only saved when we continually let the Spirit guide us

Once saved always saved is not true

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End Time Possibilities 6/29/17


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*Our God is an Almighty Eternal Spiritual Being; who became man to make us His children


Who Our God Is --- God Chose Those Who Would Love Him --- God’s Great Spiritual Trifecta


*We have an eternal spiritual soul, spirit, and heart; a physical mortal body, mind, and conscience.


Our Soul and Spirit; Our Body and Mind 


4 Things Which Save Us --- Stand Up for Our God


*Life and Death; Heaven and Hell


When Life Begins-When Life Dies --- Heaven and Hell --- Specifics on Hades – Abyss - Hell


How We Spiritually; Then Physically Come into Heaven


Timeline; Heaven from Beginning to God’s New Heaven Rewritten 11/24/17

Read timeline without verses; or each section with verses


*All about Jesus; His Birth, Physical Death, and Resurrection


Christmas Season God Becomes Man in the Womb of Mary - Revised 12/7/17


Jesus Born on Day of Atonement; Tishri 10, 5BC - Revised 12/7/17


What Spiritually Happened on the Cross Rewritten 3/20/17


Jesus Gave His Life --- Day of Atonement; Passover; 1st Fruits


Death and Resurrection of Jesus –-- Extra Verses for it


Specifics; Death and Resurrection of Jesus Rewritten 5/26/16


Resurrection Week: 7 Days Salvation Completed Amended 3/14/17


Jesus Born Tishri 10 5BC - Died Nissan 14 30AD (Daniel’s Timeline)


Jesus the Firstborn


*Know Jesus is Always with Us


When Jesus Calls Believers Home --- When an Unborn or Young Child Dies


Where Is God When a Tragedy Happens?


*Sin - Forgiveness


What Sin Is --- Some Specific Sins


How Our Sins Are Forgiven --- Holiness and Righteousness 


How We Become Children of God, Heirs of Heaven


Heaven free gift from our God; Works give us blessings


Are We Holy or Sinful; an Ambiguous Question 6/19/17

Child of God’s spiritual being is holy; while our physical being is sinful


Sins Can Push the Spirit Out of Our Hearts - 1/25/18

We are only saved when we continually let the Spirit guide us

Once saved always saved is not true


*Baptism - Lord's Supper


Baptism Quiz --- Answers Baptism Quiz 


Seven Different Baptisms --- Baptisms of the Old Covenant, Baptisms of Jesus  


Baptisms of the Holy Spirit --- Water Baptism --- Infant Baptism


Celebrate Our Lord’s Supper 


*End Times 


Top of website columns; with continual updates as major events happen

End Time Possibilities


Timeline; Heaven from Beginning to God’s New Heaven Rewritten 11/24/17

Read timeline without verses; or each section with verses


Tribulation; Jesus Returns (Gathers Up/Raptures Believers); God’s Wrath - Rewritten 5/7/17

Apostle Paul in 2Thess 2:1-4 dispels replacement and pretribulation theories


7 Seals, 7 Trumpets; Then 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath


Three; 3½ Year Periods before Jesus Returns   


Where We Are in End Times --- The antichrist


The Gathering --- Tribulation


Background to End Times; by date written so newest will always be at the top


Israel Will Always Be a Nation


Jewish Feasts Symbolize Our Father’s Plan for Us


A Brief Introduction to Tribulation --- Be Prepared


The Jewish Revival


*Love - Prayer - Spiritual Meditation


We Are Saved By Love --- Prayer


The Great Question --- The Great Question Epilog


Meditate with the Lord --- Whisper to Your Soul


*Christ's One Holy, Eternal, Spiritual Church - Gifts to God


The Family of God --- Our Relationship with God --- Gifts of Love 


Love Given; Blessings Received - Enlightening Emails of a Young Lady’s Missionary Journey to Ecuador


*Disciplines for Studying God's Word


The Word of God Is Spiritual --- How to Study God’s Word --- Prophecies


Disciplines for Studying God’s Word --- Verses Using Disciplines 1#


*Special Situations We Must Understand


Unborn or young child who dies, and has 1 believing Parent; is in Heaven


Lying Is a Sin


Abortion --- Homosexuality/Cross Dressing




*The World


God answered our prayers; in the 2016 Presidential Election


*We try to update, correct above messages; if conflict between messages, newest one is correct.

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Brief Thoughts


Short Stories


Struggling --- The Rodeo Bull Rider --- Love --- The Chasm


When Jesus Call Us Home --- Honesty --- The Rancher


The Caravan --- What Is Important --- Our Promises


The Great Question --- The Great Question Epilog




Christ’s Death --- Lord You Love Me --- Where We Worship


If We Knew --- Left Behind --- Love and Hate


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