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Let’s Celebrate the Real Christmas

We should not get caught up in the Christmas traditions of congregations, or the cultural traditions of this world; which are not in the Word of God. The Son becoming man, later being born in Bethlehem, happens quietly, humbly, as designed by the Father before the world was created. We must get into the Word of God, celebrate its truths, and tell these truths to all people; especially the children.

Christmas day December 25, 6BC was the approximate time when the Son of God, a spiritual being, came down from Heaven, and became a physical man in the womb of Mary; a Jewish woman who was a virgin. Mary through the Holy Spirit was now pregnant with Jesus; who was both the Son of God, and the Son of Man. The spiritual essence of God had now been changed, now included a physical being, a man, Jesus; who would later be glorified and sit on the right hand of God.

God Becomes Man

The Christmas celebration includes the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem which happened around 9 months later on the Day of Atonement, Tishri 10, 5BC on the Jewish calendar. This would be either in September or October 5BC in our time.

Christmas celebration also includes the Gentiles who would come from the east to see Jesus, bring Him gifts; 40 days to 5 months after He was born and living in Bethlehem. After which Jesus’ parents would have to take Him to Egypt to keep Him from being killed by King Herod. And finally the Christmas celebration period ends after Herod dies; and Jesus returns with His parents to Galilee; where He grows up in obscurity, where only His parents knowing He is the Son of God as He grows up.

The Birth of Jesus


God answered our prayers; in the 2016 Presidential Election

Religious freedoms strengthened, abortion not expanded; now let’s move forward

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God answered our prayers; in the 2016 Presidential Election


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